I was able to bring Mongoose Bikes to Central Oregon for a production in the Summer of 2022.  Mongoose brought team riders Brayden Barrett-Hay and Brandon Hopkins, and I lead the casting & booking of local bike studs to fill out our talent roster.  We were lucky to have the Red Bull Illume winner Will Saunders shooting photos.  Jules Jimreivat – badass climber, filmmaker & photographer joined as a second camera on the stills front. Cameron Baird led the video capture team shooting on multiple RED camera bodies & aerials.  We maxed out two precious shoot days covering park type jumps, single track, gravel road and gravel trail riding.   Bend can be a popular place to shoot, so I made a point of not going to the well of typical set locations. We literally never had one other cyclists to contend with during any point of the production.  We filmed in Bend, near Mt Bachelor, outside of Sisters and in Terrebonne.  Production was based at The Loge which due to its biking centric layout and culture couldn’t have been better.  It was perfect early Summer weather, and with recent rains the legendary Bend dust was tamped down. The final deliverables were a few dozen color corrected photographs and  It was one of those shoots where despite long physical days outside, you can’t believe how lucky you are to do this for a living.