Agency Common Good based in Denver, Colorado created a campaign that was perfectly suited for filming in Central Oregon. I worked as a hybrid in both agency & line producing this project which was filmed over the course of two very long days. The creative called for capturing epic trail running, white water kayaking, SUP’ing on a lake, rock climbing, gardening and field of grasses. With the proximity of so many ideal filming locations withing 45 minutes driving from downtown Bend, we were able to capture all of those scenes over the course of two days.

The entirety of the video content capture was on drone, which was achieved via a two person team from A Cam Aerials, also based in Oregon. The two person team worked in tandem while one operated the DJI drone and the other operated the DJI camera.

When I saw the creative, I instantly knew which locations would be fitting for the production, but scouting was still thorough to make sure we had the right spots. We also filmed via drone on scouts so the landscapes could be visioned as they would later be captured on camera.

There are a lot of sensitivities around drones in general today, understandably. The necessary permits were applied for and received before the shoot days.

The other tricky part of a production involving multiple locations around Central Oregon all captured via drone was the timing to be in each spot at the right light. We had a few nail biters while driving between production locations. With a carefully plotted out production schedule we were succesful in getting to all locations within two days time – from areas in the Deschutes National Forest to Smith Rock State Park.
Filming Brooks runner Mario Mendoza run up the famous Misery Ridge Trail in a matter of minutes was something to witness.

I produced this project to completion, transitioning to post production after principal photography was completed in Bend. The project involved a close marriage between editorial & motion graphics, thus a technical work flow needing to be carefully managed. All aspects of post production were overseen including color correction, voice-over casting & recording, sound finishing and finally on-line, output, traffic and delivery.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the talented crew, athletes and abundance of locations adjacent to Bend throughout Central Oregon.